Free of...

In the world of plant based foods, trends are rampant. Some of the most popular trends of 2017/2018 being raw desserts and vegan cheeses, and both being made with a heavy dose of cashews, has basically made these half moon seeds their own food group in the plant-based world. You may therefore be wondering why I choose not to include them in my foods or why they are absent here altogether? The answer is mostly a simple one, I have a sensitivity to the anacardium genius and another member of my household has a serious allergy to the entire anacardiaceae family, otherwise know as the cashew and sumac family of flowering plants. Because of this, we do not bring them into our home, studio or general life, with some restaurants we frequent even going so far as to remove them from their establishments to keep things safer for our family. For this we feel incredibly grateful and offer our most heartfelt thanks!

So what does this mean for you beautiful souls? Onto the not as simple answer, since we don't use this heavily relied on ingredient, it has made us more creative in the kitchen and healthier overall. To each their own, but I can't tell you the number of vegan eBooks, cookbooks and blogs I've read over the years which include cashews on every other page or even EVERY page. While you may like these little morsels now, even the most ardent lover would tire of this complete saturation. Add to this the fact that nutrient diversity is exceptionally important for vegans and you find my secondary motivation for venturing away from cashew over usage.

You may love cashews or not, but wherever you stand, I encourage you to branch out and expand your plant based ingredient list to incorporate a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. If you notice you are having any reactions to foods I strongly encourage you to see your doctor and have allergy tests. Unfortunately allergies don't always stay the same and may worsen or change over time.

Sending love and light to each of you!

Love Lauren